Providing essential services during this time of uncertainty

Mar. 30, 2020

These are unprecedented times. At SMC, protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees and serving our customers is our top priority. As we navigate the evolving circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking actions aligned with the latest information and global guidance to protect our employees, serve our customers and minimize the spread of the virus while continuing to provide essential products and services.

We have taken important precautionary measures spanning all areas of our business, both in our offices and operations, to protect the safety, health and well-being of our employees and to continue to serve our customers. We have implemented enhanced deep cleaning procedures across all facilities, modified processes to enable social distancing, and modified schedules to minimize employee gatherings, including remote working arrangements for those whose jobs allow. We have also provided comprehensive health and safety information to employees at all of our locations, and we will continue to work to identify additional ways to enhance the safety of our facilities.

Our alarm monitoring centres are vital to the protection of the public, industry and critical infrastructure. Our exceptional workforce remains committed to meeting these essential needs for our customers and ensuring that they, too, can continue to provide their much-needed products and services

Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure the safety of our employees while delivering these essential solutions and services we know customers rely on to keep the world healthy, safe, and comfortable.